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Main fields of action

The principal fields in which PROSUTEL SYSTEMS develops his production are:




In the sector of the Telecommunications, it comes developing following activities:


  • Design and manufacture according to specifications of equipments air compressors dehydrators (analogical and digital) of different capacities of supply adapted to the characteristics to the network to protecting.
  • Protection of networks of telecommunications by means of technologies of pressurization.
  • I design and manufacture of elements of digital and / or analogical nature for systems of pressurization.
  • Installation and maintenance of equipments air compressors dehydrators.
  •  Integral maintenance of the pressurized plant.


PROSUTEL SYSTEMS supports in this field a line opened of investigation in order to analyze and to conclude the opportunity to incorporate new technologies, products and components in equipments nowadays in operation or of new manufacture.




This field of production is focused basically on the developments of automatic milking and systems of irrigation monitored by route of radio control. Between the principal products they are:


  • Design and manufacture of electronic equipments of milking (positions of milking, washers, etc).
  • Design and manufacture of elements of irrigation (nodes, concentrating etc)




PROSUTEL SYSTEMS comes contributing a wide experience in the field of control and home automation by means of the development and manufacture of products specifics or down spedification.



  • Design and manufacture of plates of control for air conditioning.
  • Design and manufacture of elements of control and I access to parkings.
  • Design and manufacture of equipments for control of fleets.
  • Design and manufacture of equipments for control of electric power stations.
  • Equipments of outdoors for information of travelers..





PROSUTEL SYSTEMS supports responsibilities in the entertainment and facilities of equipments, so much of own manufacture as those foreign others which have been before assigned


  • Corrective and preventive maintenance of pneumatic facilities
  • Authorization of pneumatic facilities.
  • Inspections and re-stamped of equipments to pressure in level "A"
  • Inspections and re-stamped in the levels "B" and "C" of equipments to pressure in which there are fulfilled that Pms's product and V is equal or minor of 5.000.




Inside the different areas of the engineering, PROSUTEL SYSTEMS It develops his products covering a wide and diverse spectrum of the same ones, between which the following ones stand out:

  • Design and manufacture of equipments for analysis of antibiotics in blood.
  • Design and manufacture of equipments for determination of finger fingerprints.
  • Design and manufacture of terminuses and machines retailers.
  • Design and manufacture of equipments for recharges automatic of mobile telephones. Analyzer of images for artificial vision.
  • Dye of laboratory.
  • Elements for local area networks.
  • Assembly, wired up and optimization of components eléctronicos and pneumatic.
  • Assembly and supply of components of optical fiber.
  • Documentation.





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