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Re-stamped & Legalizations



05/08/09 the Royal decree came into force 2060/2008 by means of which a new regulation of equipments is approved to pressure, for which they establish, between others, the requirements to realize periodic inspections to the reboiled with a maximum admissible superior pressure to 50 kPa.

Nowadays PROSUTEL SISTEMS, S.A. is authorized by the Council of Economy and Estate by the number of inscription in the industrial record 28/135.509 what authorizes us to fulfil the periodic inspeciones obigatorias. As summary and additional simplified information, we they say that, of a general form, the reboiler and warehouses accumulators must spend NECESSARILY a level inspection "A" from the entry into force of the Regulation (05/08/09) and a level inspection "B" four years after the first one.

Depending on the category and group assigned to the reboiler about which it treats itself, the previous periods diminish to three years, instead of the four indicated ones, a new inspection of level being included in this case "C" whose term of execution is a variable of agreement with the specific characteristics of every equipment and on the basis of the year of manufacture and date of the last hydraulic realized test.













         A    4 YEARS    3 YEARS   
         B    4 YEARS    3 YEARS
         C    EXEMPT   12 YEARS



Besides the operations it arrives described, there will owe realize also all those that had been defined by the manufacturer, in those period that the same one indicates. The costs of this one type of additional operations will be an object of valuation separate.


Of there being needed the production of any type of documentation, such as the User's Book, Certified of Installation, Certificate of Repair, etc the presupposed correspondent will have to be opportunely requested.



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