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We are specialists. 24 hours non stop services

Our objetives ?

without doubts our objective is to give total attention in all levels of interactions to the services we want to be your strategic allied to contribute with the productivity of the process.

The best to take care of your interests are bestowing the top technical services 24 h a day.


we offer a wide range of excellent products and innovative solutions at incredible prices. Our first concern is to obtain a high level of quality of the products that come out of our factory. It goes without saying that we are at your disposal to meet your special needs, wishes and requests. We will put all our efforts to get what you need

Contact us by filling out the form and we will clarify your doubts. If you would like to come to our office, we will be happy to assist you.

We offer exclusive and personal services


  • Maintenance contracts
  • Predictive, preventive and corretive reviews
  • General overhaul of compressors
  • Repair shop
  • Check and diagnose equipment
  • Emergency management
  • Emergency maintenance
  • Maintenance of facilities
  • 24 hour alarm service
  • Retiming compressors
  • Legalize equipment




  • Protection of networks of metallic carriers in systems of telecommunication by means of technologies of pressurization.
  • Manufacture, installation and maintenance of equipments air compressors dehydrators of capacity adapted to the network to protecting
  • Analogical and digital components for systems of pressurization.
  • Integral maintenance of the pressurized plant.




  • Equipments of milking.
  • Elements of irrigation.




  • Air conditioning.
  • Accesses to parking.
  • Control of electric power stations.
  • Travelers Information.




  • Maintenance, corrective and preventive, of pneumatic facilities.
  • Legalization of pneumatic facilities.
  • Inspections and re-stamped of equipments to pressure in level "A".
  • Inspections and re-stamped in the levels "B" and "C" of equipments to pressure for which the product of the Pms and the V is equal or minor of 5.000.




  • Equipments for determination of fingerprints.
  • Analyzer of images for artificial vision.
  • Terminuses and vending machines.
  • Documentation.
  • Supply of accessories for equipment of optical fiber.
  • Electronic informative panels.
  • Detector of fingerprints.
  • Dye of laboratory.
  • Wired up of optical fiber.
  • Small roses four routes.
  • Miniframe TR1.
  • Local area networks.
  • Cupboard of communications RTRE-16.
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