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            Obligations of users of pressure equipment.

  • One of the most important novelties of the Regulation of pressure equipment ( R.E.P ) aproved in Royal Decree 2060/2008 of diciembre 12. Is that in Article IV in paragraph  9 clearly states the obligations to which users of pressure equipment are subject that are templed in this regulation.

                   What is a Pressure Equipment "EP"?


  • PRESSURE EQUIPMENT: It is any element designed and manufactured to contain fluids at a pressure higher than 0.5 Bar. This includes accumulator tanks, compressors, pipes, simple pressure vessels, transportable pressure equipment and, in general, any pressure equipment.


  • USER: The natural or legal person who uses, under his responsibility, pressure equipment of installations..


              Obligations of  users of pressure equipment.


        Royal Decree 2060/2008 in it´s CHAPTER IV,  Article 9.                      regulates the obligations of users that are: 

        Know and apply the manufacturer´s instructions regarding the            use, means of security and prevent the operation of pressure              equipment if they do not meet the requirements of the                        regulation. Have at least the following documentation:

    • Certificate of instalation
    • Installation proyect if necessary
    • Minutes of the last periodic inspection
    • Certifications of modifications or repairs.
  • Use the pressure equipment within the operating limits by manufacturer and withdraw them from service if they no longer have the necessary safety requirements.
  •  Carry out the maintenance of the facilities, pressure equipment, safety accessories and control devices in accordance with the operating conditions and the manufacturer´s instructions, and must esamine them at last once a year.
  • Ordear the realization of the periodic inspections that correspondiong to them.
  • Arrange and maintain a record of pressure equipment of categories I to IV.
  • Report accidents that occur..


              Legalization of compressed air installations


            ¿Who can make compressed air installations?


  • After the entry into force del R.D. 2060/2008 of december 12, only companies registered as Empresas Installers of Aparatus under pressure, may perform pressure equipment installations and their corresponding interconnection pipes.

          There are two types of installations:

  1. EIP-1: For installations that do not require an installation proyect.
  2. EIP-2: For installationsthat require a proyect, also those that do not require.

         Therefor, only these companies EIP-1 or 2 will be able to carry out           and legalize the installations of pressure equipment and copressed           air pipes. Prosutel Sistemas is registered as an EPI-2 installer                   company to act at national level, so we can install and legalize                 anty type of compressed air pressure equipment..



          Is my compressed air network legalized according to the              new legal regulations?


  • All compressed air installations must be legalized before the Territorial Delegation of Industry. Regardless of the purchase date of the pressure equipment or the completion of installation of pipes. 
  • All pressure equipment must be subjected periodically to inspections and tests that guarantee the maintenance of the technical and safety conditions necessary for it´s operation.                                                                                           

         When is it necessary to carry out a project to legalize                   the compressed air network?


  • To know if we must carry out a project to legalize a network, all the pressure eqipment that is in the compressed  air network must be identified, the volume (V) of each pressure equipment (in liters),must be multiplied by the maximum pressure (Pms) ( in Bar) to which that team can work. If the sum of all V x Pms of all pressure equipment is greater than 25.000, it´s necesary to carry out a project by an EIP-2. installation company.

          What should i do if my compressed air network is not                  legalized?


  • To legalize a compressed air network you must hire an Installer Company or an O.C.A.  that depending on the type of network, the project or the descriptive memory, the dossier of certificates of the pressure equipment and certificate of installation must be submitted to the Territorial Delegation of insdustry.
  • With this documentation the equipment is registred annd an industry sheet is assigned for it´s follow.up and periodic inspections.                                                              

                        Periodic inspections of pressure.                     

  • All pressure equipment must be subject periodically to inspections and tests that guarantee the maintenance of the technical and safety conditions necessary for it´s operations..                                                                             

         How are the equipment of an installation classified with               the pressure equipment regulation ?


  • All equipment mut be classified according to the categories indicated in Article 9 ofl RD 769/1999 (BOE 31-5-1999) which transposes directive 97/23/CE on pressure equipment.

    To classify the pressure equipment that works with compressed air (non-hazardous) it´s identified with the number 2.  it multiplies the Volume (V) in liters of the equipment, by the maximun pressure (Ps) in Bar, to which it can work the team. Obtaining the following categories.                                                          

    • Ps x V < 50                       No recorded or controlled
    • 200 > Ps x V > 50                        Category I
    • 200 > Ps x V > 1.000                  Category II
    • 1.000 > Ps x V > 3.000               CategoryIII
    • Ps x V > 3.000                              Category IV                   

            Inspections of pressure equipment. 

  • All pressure equipment or those assimilated to categories I to IV will be committed to periodic inspections and tests to ensure the maintenance of: :
    • Technical conditions.
    • The security conditions.
      Who can perform the periodic inspections? 
      They will be made by:
  • Installation companies EIP- 1 ó 2.
  • By an authorized control body (O.C.A.)
  • By the manufacturer.
  • By the user.
  • These last two if they credit the means as an installation company.

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